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About Us

Parker Ress

President and Queen Bee

10 years ago, renowned introvert Parker Ress started a whole company in order to be able to talk about herself in the third person to prospective freelance clients. Lo these many years later, she’s used her passion for PowerPoint and penchant for making lasting relationships to create and nurture this hive-minded design collective. You may bless her heart after you’ve learned a little about her (me):

  • Favorite unpopular opinion: I like my coffee on the slightly hotter side of warm
  • Fighting style: armed to the teeth with details and supporting data
  • Most useful superpower: ability to banish most PowerPoint gremlins
  • Most annoying habit: reminding you I’m a Capricorn all the time

Leslie Coffey

Creative Director and Buzz Maker

After moving back down south from the cold tundra of Connecticut, Leslie saw a chance to leave Big Agency life behind and try her own path. It worked out better than she ever imagined. Along the way, she reconnected with a classmate she’d met in the trenches at NC State’s College of Design. Their twisted sense of humor instantly united them. Parker’s expertise in the “Dark Arts” (PowerPoint) scared, nay, awed Leslie and allowed her to focus on the design she loves (everything but PowerPoint). The rest, as they say, is history. Get to know our perpetual over-achiever:

  • Favorite unpopular opinion: cars should never have carpet
  • Fighting style: turns red, gets flustered, regroups and then goes in for the kill like a honey badger seeking vengeance
  • Most useful superpower: harnessing the power of beautiful colors
  • Most annoying habit: making things TOO perfect

Maureen Simpson

Designer and Hive Heavy Lifter

Need a logo? Need a BILLBOARD? Maureen works in all shapes and sizes. Bring your random thoughts, your wildest dreams, your diner napkin sketches and your company motto. Let her throw them in her cauldron and boil up a marketing campaign that embodies YOU. She’s here to help create, design, and brainstorm with you. She is fluent in Illustrator, Photoshop, PowerPoint and dragon training. She’s got a “make it vector” button, and she’s not afraid to use it. Don’t take our word for it, hear from Maureen herself:

  • Favorite unpopular opinion: expiration dates are REALLY just suggestions!
  • Fighting style: rabid butterfly
  • Most useful superpower: loud is my ONLY superpower, but trust me, it can be EXTREMELY useful!
  • Most annoying habit: constantly wondering if are you mad at me?

Krissy Fitzpatrick

Designer and Brand Pollinator

Krissy is a designer and NY native with an absurd appreciation for stinky cheeses and all things ‘Bravo’. Particularly focused on branding and conceptual design, Krissy loves to transform your off-the-wall ideas into simple and strategic visual solutions that don’t scare small children. Krissy believes that effective design should be consistent and evocative, always with a specific audience in mind. She takes a similar, perhaps more intense, approach to her Spotify playlists and challenges you to prove otherwise. Krissy says:

  • Favorite unpopular opinion: very anti-Oasis and The Matrix (point of contention in my marriage), very pro-Danny DeVito
  • Fighting style: cold as ice, through my silence, you’ll feel my wrath
  • Most useful superpower: crafting and devouring charcuterie boards
  • Most annoying habit: “Can I apologize for the apology?” – Larry David… but also, me

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Virtual Apiary clients know that good design helps ideas stick. Here’s what has our recent clients buzzing.

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