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We Can Be Your Agency

“Though she be but little, she is fierce!” said William Shakespeare (about us, probably). We’ve got the chops to handle all your design needs, so if you need the royal treatment, let us take the lead. In addition to creating top-notch work, we love collaborating with creative teams, from project managers, brand strategists, writers, editors, and developers, to printers, and other vendors.

We Can Partner With Your Agency

Fires, fires everywhere and you need some extra hands? Your best designer on vacation when several clients come calling? Created a PowerPoint template that’s pretty but just not working? We’ve got you covered. We’re happy to jump under your umbrella behind the scenes or even client-facing. We can help a little or a lot.

We Can Help As Needed

We can get you started and across the finish line -- or we can get you going, and you can run with it. We’ll even review your project and polish it to a high shine. Any way you want to work, we have the experience to design using accessible programs like Microsoft Office so that you can edit and update your projects without needing us (or a degree in graphic design) to get things done.

Our Services

Branding and Identity Systems

Logos, color palettes, font selection, branding guidelines, photo curation, template creation

Complex Document and Data Synthesis

Annual reports, sustainability reports, infographics, catalogs, look books

Marketing Collateral

Brochures, flyers, postcards, posters, eBooks, retargeting ads, website and social media visuals, keynote or event presentations, webinar slides, trade show booth presentations

Multiplatform Marketing Campaigns

Comprehensive marketing collateral development to support campaign goals on various media platforms

Scientific & Academia Support

Research presentation posters, slide presentations, manuscript figures, diagrams, customized charts and tables, white papers

Business Development Materials

Executive overview documents or slides, proposal and sales presentations, sell sheets, accounting document design

Overheard in the Hive…

Virtual Apiary clients know that good design helps ideas stick. Here’s what has our recent clients buzzing.

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